More convenient e-tickets

When you book an e-ticket on this website, we will reserve your seats with the railway company in your name (this is why we ask you to provide passport information for all passengers). We will send you your final booking confirmation 40 days before the departure date for travel within the Russian Federation, and 60 days before departure for travel between Russia and Europe, China, or Mongolia (although we will accept your reservation up to one year before the date of your departure). This is because we cannot assign your names to the seats earlier than 40 days in advance for domestic Russian routes, or 60 days in advance for travel between Europe/Mongolia/China and Russia. If you book any closer than this to your travel date, we will send tickets to you within two working days of your order (it will take up to two weeks for your tickets to arrive to you if you are having them sent outside of the Russian Federation, so you will want to plan accordingly).


E-tickets without automatic check-in

For a few domestic Russian routes, most of the other former Soviet countries, and most routes that cross an international border (including those between former Soviet states), you will need to exchange your e-ticket for a boarding pass. We notify our customers when they need to collect a boarding pass, yet another advantage of using our service. If required, this can be done at any specially designated ticket booth or electronic terminal. Look for booths that have an e-ticket sign on them. If you need to collect a boarding pass, please plan to arrive at the station at least 1 hour before train departure (or 90 minutes if you are departing from a Ukrainian train station). Tip: if you have a return trip planned, you can collect tickets for both legs of your journey prior to your initial outward-bound departure.

Important: if your e-ticket has automatic check-in, you will not be able to exchange it for a boarding pass. You must board the train with your print-out and passport.

E-tickets with automatic check-in

Once your e-tickets have been issued, we will send you a link to download your tickets. Depending on the train, your e-tickets may have automatic check-in for the train. In 95 percent of cases where a boarding pass (normally obtained from the appropriate railroad station ticketing window) is not required, tickets will have automatic check-in (sometimes called electronic registration), which means that you can board your train with your passport and e-ticket only.