Luxury overnight sleepers in Europe


Travel across Europe by Night Train

It is a well-known fact that overnight trains are losing its popularity meanwhile planes and cars are gaining popularity as means of travel. Modern tendency shows rail carriers make an accent on train luxury and comfort so they can easily compete with planes and cars. Russian Trains prepared a number of highlights that undoubtedly can prove an overnight train on select routes is worth being called “Hotel on Wheels”:

  • Travel in comfort instead of paying an additional night at hotel
  • Avoid stress of airport lines and security check
  • Be safe with your travel plans as the majority of overnight trains are always on schedule
  • Enjoy food in a restaurant car that is available on each train
  • Travel in first class with en-suite bathroom and other amenities of the hotel

Choose one of the routes below and contact us for trip details and exact quote.
Lisbon -Madrid / Vienna - Milan / Vienna - Rome / Vienna - Hamburg / Moscow - Paris / Moscow - Berlin / Moscow - Nice / Cologne - Warsaw / Amsterdam - Zurich / Paris - Venice / Riga- Moscow / Warsaw - Kiev / Malmo - Berlin