First Double-Deck Train between Moscow & St. Petersburg

New Double-Decker is Launched on February 1, 2015

Premium overnight double-deck train attracts hundreds of travelers by its reasonable prices starting from 49$ per second class ticket.

The first double-deck train will be launched between Moscow and Saint Petersburg on February 1, 2015. The train belongs to the category of premium service trains in Russia and features 2nd class Kupe Sleeping compartments that accommodates up to 4 people.

New double-deck trains #005 and #006 possess a number of distinctive advantages:

  • Premium overnight train;
  • Convenient departure and arrival times;
  • Modern and eco-friendly design technologies;
  • Restaurant car with reasonable prices
  • Low ticket prices

Moscow - St. Petersburg - Running time: 7 hrs 54 mins
Departure: Leningradsky station 10:50 pm (Moscow time)
Arrival: Moscovsky station 06:44 am (Moscow time)

St. Petersburg - Moscow - Running time: 7 hrs 57 mins
Departure: Moscovsky station 10:50 pm (Moscow time)
Arrival: Leningradsky station 06:47 am (Moscow time)


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