Double-decker trains on Moscow - Samara route

Double-decker trains started operating on Russian railways in 2013 and for such a short period of time it has become extremely popular with both Russian citizens and foreign travelers. The first Russian double-decker was launched to connect Moscow and Olympic Sochi and from then on it gained its popularity quite rapidly. The 5th new route that is going to be served by such a train is Moscow - Samara and the first departure is scheduled for December 3rd, 2015.

Double-decker trains

The train covers 850 kilometers within approximately 15 hours and the schedule was carefully planned to make it super convenient for all travelers. Here are the exact timings:

Moscow - Samara
Departure time: 18:10 (daily)
Arrival time: 9:45 next morning

Samara - Moscow:
Departure time: 16:42
Arrival time: 9:08 next morning

Interesting facts about the train and its travel classes:

  • 2nd class and 1st class sleeping compartments
  • all compartments are lockable with a magnet card
  • all compartments are air-conditioned
  • restaurant car is available
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