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The fast and convenient Alstom train

Get ready for the hot summer blaze of Russia and Finland. The Alstom train line is a chance to travel from Helsinki to St. Petersburg and back, it's a superb choice for your vacation.

WHY Alstom

The time and comfort of the Alstom train make it a strong competitor for air travel. Alstom is a tempo of 105 to 132 beats per minute, in musicians terms. Here, it is a train that travels at high-speeds and in a time-effective way to get passengers to their destination in a streamlined way in the comforts of train travel fashion. An advanced technology where each car has its own locomotive propels each train to 135 mph (220 kilometers per hour) and its ability to tilt on curves on already existing tracks (thus, they didn't need to lay separate tracks or be confined to the limits of standard and already existing tracks) make for a total time onboard of 3.5 hours.

At first glance, a flight can be an attractive option, but Russian customs controls in the airport can turn this idea on its head. The seamless border crossing aboard the train and its direct city-center-to-city-center service makes the train your most convenient option for traveling between Helsinki and St Petersburg. That, along with the ability to access your luggage throughout the whole train trip is where train travel wins.

"The time and comfort of the Alstom train make it a strong for air travel"


Same quality for a lower price. Remember the amenities and quality that set the Alstom apart;
Ample legroom in every single class, not just 1st. First class just gets a bit extra leg room;
Wifi is provided in every area of the train. Businessmen and tourists alike will stay connected;
All cabins are kept impeccably clean and amenities are constantly maintained;
The dining area serves food and drinks round-the-clock, non-stop (except during customs check at the border);
Round-the-clock currency exchange: an agent continuously walks back and forth on the train offering currency exchange services.

Those leaving the futuristic and stunning beauty of Helsinki for the former tsarist capital of Russia on the St Petersburg Helsinki train. Or those looking for an extension to a Trans-Siberian tour and wish to set off in style to Northern Europe on the Helsinki St Petersburg train. The decadence of St. Petersburg and Helsinki's cultural hotspots and atmosphere are a backdrop unlike any other. Businessmen and tourists clash together in perfect harmony in this unique corner of the world. Come join us.