Changes in St. Petersburg - Tallinn train connections

Last year travelers used to enjoy up to 2 daily train connections between St. Petersburg and Tallinn but this year unfortunately due to some issues there are only 2 departures per week. We’ve prepared detailed schedule, take your time and learn it carefully for planning your train trip.

Tallinn - St. Petersburg
Departure time
15:27 Central station (local time)
Arrival time
23:05 Vitebsky station (Moscow time)

St. Petersburg - Tallinn
Departure time
06:55 Vitebsky station (Moscow time)
Arrival time
12:30 Central station (local time)

*Note! Trains stop at Narva and Ivangorod where border and customs control to start. There is no need to get off the train all cotrol procedures are carried out on board the train. Kindly note toilets and bar are closed for this time.