Alstom and Tolstoi upgrade

Tablets, mobiles and lap-tops instead of printed e-tickets. Alstom and Tolstoi trains are quite popular with tourists as they serve extremely important routes St. Petersburg - Helsinki - St. Petersburg and Helsinki - Moscow - Helsinki. Happy travelers enjoy high-quality service along with easy booking and keep up with the modern innovations in traveling by trains.

Tickets printed by customers and e-tickets in pdf format presented on screens of laptops, mobiles or tablets are accepted on Tolstoi and Alstom trains. Passengers are no longer required to have paper tickets. It is not possible to reserve mobile tickets for Alstom and Tolstoi.

Please note that you cannot travel with just the order confirmation. You can change the delivery method of earlier reservations and have them delivered as printable e-tickets.

One more great thing about Alstom trains is that we offer to travel at half price.