Advantages of Traveling by Train


Safe. Quick. Comfortable. Inexpensive.


Due to high technologies, safety of the Russian rail is rapidly improving from year to year which makes this mode of transport more and more safe. This discloses the possibility of clashing with other trains, overturning, pulling off road, and many other unpleasant things.


Traveling by train gives one the possibility of moving freely around the cabin. Moreover, in the trains operating on the Russian rail routes there are sleeper cabins, ample foot room and restaurant cars, which provide amenities for long trips. This means of transportation does not have the turbulence frequently experienced in airplanes, the seasickness felt on board of ships, nor does it feel cramped like car travel.

Reasonable Price

Tickets for the Russian rail are often cheaper than airline tickets. It may also be much more efficient than driving by car because you don't have to stop for gas, and trains usually travel at a faster speed with no traffic.

Apart from these important, though basic features of traveling by train, there are many more benefits of this particular means of transportation, which will definitely make any journey successful and unforgettable. Among them there’re also:

Environmentally friendly means of transport

Mass transportation such as trains can make a positive impact on the environment, which can be very important if you are an ecologically conscious traveler. For example, by choosing the Russian rail, you may help to reduce carbon emissions. The choice to travel by train also means you are not contributing to the gridlock of cars on roads.


Trains often stop at major destinations and landmarks on their way to the final destination. If you have a ticket for the Russian rail that allows embarking and disembarking in any place of the route and at any time, traveling by train can be a perfect way to see many different sights along the way. This is the main advantage for spontaneous travelers.

Varied Pass-time

There are many different ways to spend your free time while traveling by train. On the way to your final point there are numerous opportunities to make friends with interesting people worldwide. Due to high train comfort of the Russian rail, people can variedly spend their time, for example, by just sitting and reading a book or a magazine, listening to music or watching a film, planning for that next meeting or just taking a nap.

Family Oriented Means of Transport

It may also be a good choice for families with children, who are usually interested in trains. It's often easier to care for children while traveling by train than by car or plane. These are all additional benefits, which you’ll never get when choosing an air or car travel.

Do you still hesitate which mode of transport to choose? We think that the choice is evident!