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Train type:
Average speed:
115 Km/h
Trip time:
2 hours and 36 minutes

Available car classes:

1st class seat
Business Class
2nd class seat
Economy Class
Child under 6 / no separate seat
1st class seat: child
2nd class seat: child
1st class Business

Reviews for the train:

Review on train: AE782

Travel from Helsinki to St. Petersburg, Russia
" Fantastic trip! My colleagues and I were concerned about the language barrier as the Russian Train website alerts that many agents do not speak English. I am thrilled to tell you that the Russian Train line and all their agents were very courteous, helpful and spoke English quite well. The train was clean, food was very good, and the ride itself very smooth, comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you all for making our vacation such a memorable experience!!! "
2nd class: adult
Time traveled: 03:27 Hrs
Distance traveled: 300 Km
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