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7 hours and 13 minutes

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St. Petersburg

Welcome to Saint Petersburg! Its canals flow around buildings inspired by Paris’s romantic architecture, parks reminiscent of the greenery of Versailles, cathedrals taken straight from the reverent Rome, and streets cobbled like the avenues of jolly old London. To visit St. Petersburg is to visit all of Europe’s best cities all at once, a land dubbed by Peter the Great as “a window looking into Europe.” With all this beauty, it is no surprise that St. Petersburg inspired many of Russia’s most amazing artists. Tchaikovsky was among the dozens of renowned musicians to enrichen the world’s heritage with...Read More

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On the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland and just 70km away from Helsinki lies one of the Baltics most wonderful cities. Tallinn is a historic city dating back to the medieval times that was first recorded on a world map in 1154, although the first fortress was built on Toompea in 1050. Later the city became a pawn in the geopolitical games of its big neighbours, passing into Swedish hands in 1561 and then to Russia under Peter the Great in 1710. Today, Tallinn is a bustling, gleaming metropolis of over 430,000 people. However, among the tall glassy buildings and corporate headquarters, Tallinn retains an inner charm...Read More

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Reviews for the route:

Review on train: 033*АА

very good service
" Good service including a very nice breakfast. Helpful personnel.nothing to complain. "
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Review on train: 033*А

A train journey that still has a slight Old World Charm about it.
" The train is not as new or modern as many in Europe. Nor is it in any way a 'fast' train - quite the opposite. But it is one of the few train journeys you can take that has a bit of Old World Charm about it - from the Attendant per carriage that is there to look after you, make you coffees/teas (at a price), supervise border checks, to the sleeper carriages, etc. Worth taking the train journey from St Petersburg to Tallinn just to experience this. "
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