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St. Petersburg

Welcome to Saint Petersburg! Its canals flow around buildings inspired by Paris’s romantic architecture, parks reminiscent of the greenery of Versailles, cathedrals taken straight from the reverent Rome, and streets cobbled like the avenues of jolly old London. To visit St. Petersburg is to visit all of Europe’s best cities all at once, a land dubbed by Peter the Great as “a window looking into Europe.” With all this beauty, it is no surprise that St. Petersburg inspired many of Russia’s most amazing artists. Tchaikovsky was among the dozens of renowned musicians to enrichen the world’s heritage with...Read More

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“Yaroslavl is a town of unsurpassed beauty; everywhere is the Volga, and everywhere is history.” The 19th century poet Apollon Grigoryev knew well the grandeur of visiting Yaroslavl, whose foundation seemed the stuff of legend. Yaroslav, son of Russia’s first Christian grand prince Vladimir the Great, landed here to suppress a hostile pagan tribe that raided passing merchants. In defense, the tribe released their secret weapon, a sacred bear with a taste for human warriors. Yaroslav, who later earned the moniker “The Wise,” merely grabbed an axe and dropped it with one blow. As a result, Yaroslavl’s coat of...Read More

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