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Novosibirsk is a modern Russian city that proves that Siberia may be distant, but it is certainly not desolate. With nearly 1.5 million people, the city has about the same number of inhabitants as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States, or Montreal in Canada. However, this is one of Russia’s fastest growing cities. At one time, it held the world record for highest growth rate. Although established in 1903 as a railhead on the Transsiberian Railroad (named then “Novonikolaevsk” for Tsar Nicolas II), by 1970 it held more than a million inhabitants, earning itself the nickname of...Read More

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Irkutsk was founded in the 1661 as a fort to colonize Siberia. It was the main Russian fort behind the Ural mountains, so all the expeditions to colonize Kamchatka and Alaska have begun there. For centuries Russian emperors and communists (later) exiled political prisoners to Irkutsk, so many brainy Russians spent years in the city and this influenced the average IQ level of inhabitants. Irkutsk, a center of culture and refinement, is the “Paris of Siberia.” The culture and refinement at this one-time outpost near the Mongolian border came from the Decembrists, a group of Russian revolutionaries that tried to topple...Read More

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