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A city with palaces alongside business towers, royal gardens in view of shopping districts, and historical landmarks as public transportation hubs, Moscow is truly a city unlike any other. More than eight centuries of history have shaped this metropolis into the bustling, populous, vibrant destination it is today. The prominent combination of the past and the future make Moscow one of the greatest cities on Earth. The first reference to Moscow was made by Yuri Dolgorukiy in 1147, nine years before the first wall of the city was erected. Moscow grew and developed over the next few centuries and in 1327 took on the title of...Read More

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St. Petersburg

Welcome to Saint Petersburg! Its canals flow around buildings inspired by Paris’s romantic architecture, parks reminiscent of the greenery of Versailles, cathedrals taken straight from the reverent Rome, and streets cobbled like the avenues of jolly old London. To visit St. Petersburg is to visit all of Europe’s best cities all at once, a land dubbed by Peter the Great as “a window looking into Europe.” With all this beauty, it is no surprise that St. Petersburg inspired many of Russia’s most amazing artists. Tchaikovsky was among the dozens of renowned musicians to enrichen the world’s heritage with...Read More

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Reviews for the route:

Review on train: 120В

all good
" nothing to complain. "
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Review on train: 766А

An excellent train service
" It was an excellent journey from Moscow to St petersburg. I have never experienced such a hospitality and comfortable service. I have been travelling in other parts of the world like europe on train but this was immaculate. the train attendant was very smiley and hospitable. whenever we required anything they went out of way to meet our demands. great service "
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Review on train: 760А

All perfect. No problems at all.
" Purchased tickets online, printed the tickets, and checked in at the train. Perfect service. "
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Review on train: 002А

professional service
" The service was professional and helpful. The train was punctual and we thoroughly enjoyed the night train from Moscow to St Petersburg. "
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Review on train: 756А

Magnificent city
" I have been to many countries. but there is the most wonderful city. I'll be come back Moscow "
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Review on train: 758А

Perfect timings
" The trains are always on time and the service is very good. "
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Review on train: 756А

" Very good trip. Comfortable, clean and on-time. "
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Review on train: 002А

" I recommend not buying at the last minute, can choose better "
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Review on train: 768А

A Good Experience
" On our visit to Russia from the UK in September my wife and I travelled on Sapsan bullet train from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The journey took 4 hours and we much enjoyed seeing the countryside. The snack served during the journey was good. The staff were friendly but few spoke English. The worst part was before the journey when a man carried our two quite small cases from outside the station to about the right spot on the platform for our train and then asked for 2000 rubles! He was lucky to get 600 P but went away grumbling! "
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Review on train: 768А

Very cordial and attentive service]
" Exceptional online reservation service. Comfortable and easy access. "
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