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Khabarovsk is the second largest cities of Russian Far East after Vladivostok, and was named after Russian explorer of XVII century Erofey Khabarov. It stands on the confluence of two Russian rivers - the majestic Amur and the Ussuri, and is situated just 19 miles from the Chinese border. That is the probable reason why over one million Chinese tourists travel to and through this city every year, and foreign investment by Korean and Japanese corporations has grown in recent years. Also there have been many renovations in the city's central part, rebuilding with historical perspective. Khabarovsk is famous for its...Read More

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Sometimes described as “Russia’s San Francisco,” and greatly reminiscent of Anchorage, Alaska, when in winter, it is literally closer to the west coast of the United States than it is to Moscow. Despite this fact, elements of the Asian culture inherited from the city’s nearest neighbors can be observed even during a simple walk down the streets of Vladivostok, when at the same time the architecture leaves no doubt that this is a Russian city. The city is located at the same latitude with Russian subtropical sea resort of Sochi, but its average annual temperature is nearly 10 degrees lower due to the Siberian High...Read More

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