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In 1924, the city of Simbirsk was renamed Ulyanovsk in honor of Vladimir Ulyanov, better known as Lenin, who was born in Simbirsk in 1870. We highly suggest visitors see the Lenin Memorial Center and Gardens and the various museums based in his former homes. Stop in and have a peek at the museum of the famous Russian poet Goncharov before strolling down the main street of the same name, “Ulitsa Goncharova”, where the views out over the Volga are utterly breathtaking.

In Ulyanovsk visitors will certainly find corners, which have remained from ancient Simbirsk, consisting of narrow streets and low hanging roofs of old buildings that are living testaments to the city’s centuries of existence, but they don't form the appearance of present-day Ulyanovsk. The city is a large modern urban landscape serving as a prominent industrial and culture center of the Middle Volga Region.

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