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Step into the largest city of all the Baltic states. It's a good idea to explore the Art Noveau historic old town, it's winding cobbled streets and its overall historic impression that owes much credit to the unrelenting reconstructions following the destruction undergone in World War II. Explore the magic impressions of the Doma Cathedral, Latvia's oldest church – the Church of St. Peter, and the home of the tradesmen and craftsmen guilds at the Big and Little Guild Houses. Next, head over to see the beauty of the Freedom monument and the wonderful area surrounding. The Freedom Monument is a national Latvian symbol, symbolizing the first independence of Latvia.

The soviets surprisingly never took it down. Stand in awe before the statue of a woman at the top of the monument holding three stars representing the freedom of the Latvian state. It doesn't stop there. Head south to the Laima Clock to join in with the locals and fall in love or simply meet a new life-long friend. The clock is an advertisement for the Laima chocolate company in Latvia. Continue on to experience the impact of Jewish culture on Latvia's capital at the Museum of Jews in Latvia and the Jewish community and the treacherous stories of World War II.

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