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The third largest city in Ukraine, Odessa is a major seaport and one of Ukraine's main tourist hubs. The Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art is one of the finest museums in Europe. Featuring a staggeringly large collection of paintings from the 16th-20th century, this museum is a must-see for visitors. There is also the Alexander Pushkin Museum, which celebrates his writings and poems from the time he stayed in Odessa. The Odessa Opera House is one of the finest in the world. It's Italian structure and gorgeous interior greatly enhance the world-class performances inside. The Potemkin Steps are the official entryway into Odessa.

These famed stairs have a flat surface in between each row of steps, which creates two illusions: never-ending stairs from the bottom, and the appearance of only flat surfaces while viewed from the top. Primorsky Boulevard is a street that is famous for it's classical buildings, including the astonishing Londonskaya Hotel. While there is no metro in Odessa, walking is not a problem because the city is full of beautiful and well-maintained parks. The largest park, Shevchenko Park, dates back to 1875. Along with breathtaking monuments, a thriving art scene, and delicious meals, Odessa is one of the best cities to visit in Europe.

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