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Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, and it remains one of the most visited spots in all of Eastern Europe. As one of the biggest cities in Europe, there is certainly a lot to see in this ancient town. Kiev features remnants from its earliest days over 15 centuries ago, and these buildings and monuments blend in beautifully with the cities thriving new culture. Tours through Kiev allow one to see all of the grand and unique buildings that are scattered throughout. One of the most impressive is the Kiev National Opera House, where classical performances have taken place alongside the marvelous interior. The Kiev Academic Puppet Theater is worth a visit for the exterior alone. Kievan buildings combine European and Slavic architecture to form a breathtaking panorama of urban beauty.

Walking through the center is a delightful journey into the heart of Kievan Russ. Kiev is not just an urban wonderland, it is also home to numerous parks and botanical gardens. These gardens feature many native flowers that bloom to perfection. Combined with the golden-domes on nearby churches, there is an endless supply of beauty for visitors and locals alike. At night, locals mingle with tourists in the city center where music and parties continue until sunrise. With countless cafes and restaurants, there is always time for a romantic dinner or a coffee break after lunch. Along with museums, recreational activities, and a fantastic culture, Kiev is an ideal city for travelers of all ages.

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