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Types of Russian Train Tickets


E-tickets are available on all domestic routes within Russia (though there are few trains left thaat do not support e-tickets), and lines operating between some former Soviet countries. They are also available for trains connecting Moscow and St. Petersburg with Finland, and most of the trains connecting European capital cities. 

Paper tickets

Some routes do not support e-tickets and among such routes are all Asian trains. When booking train tickets online you are offered a number of delivery options so you can choose the option that you suits you best. We arrange deliveries either internationally to your home address or to the hotel you are stying at while traveling.

Comparison of ticket types


E-tickets with boarding pass

Paper tickets


Routes where train tickets are used

All domestic routes within Russia. Major train connections between Russia and Europe. A number of international routes such as St. Petersburg - Vilnius, St. Petersburg - Tallinn, Moscow - Warsaw. All train connections between Russia and China, Mongolia as well as domestic routes within those countries.

How to get the actual train ticket?

Train tickets are sent to yoou via email.  Collect boarding pass at the train station. Paper tickets require delivery. Delivery options are offered to you when booking tickets online. 

How much in advance should I arrive at the train station?

30 mins before departure. 1 hour before departure. 30 mins before departure.

When at the train station where to proceed?

Go straight to the car for boarding. Find any self-service machine or go to the ticket office to collect a boarding pass. You need to know 14-digit number on the confirmation you receive from our company. Go straight to the car for boarding.

What should I show to the car attendant when boarding the train?

Passport + printed e-ticket (ticket on any electronic device will also work out). Passport + boarding pass. Passport + the actual paper ticket.

Passport! Passport number is the most important thing on any gtrain tickets and you are required to show your passport in order to board any train. When boarding passengers, train attendants will check passport numbers and names on the tickets against those in their passports.

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