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European Rail Tickets

Russian railways connections provide the opportunity for some of the most exciting vacation experiences available to global train travel enthusiasts. Although high-speed connections only exist between Finland and Russia at present, excellent service operates between Moscow and cities as far away as Paris and Nice.

Popular Europe - Russia train routes

Russia - France Train

Moscow to Paris trains

Train #23/24 (Moscow - Paris) crosses Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and France.

Train #017/018 (Moscow - Nice) passes through Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and France.


Travel classes onboard: 2nd and 1st class sleeping compartments, VIP cabin (with bathroom inside). Restaurant car available

Moscow to Berlin trains

Train goes through Belarus and Poland. Make sure if you need any transit visas.

Train stops at Berlin-Lichtenberg (77 mins) and then at the main train station - Berlin Hauptbahnhof (5 mins).


Travel classes onboard: 2nd and 1st class sleeping compartments, VIP cabin (with bathroom inside). Restaurant car available

St Petersburg to Tallinn trains

Baltic Express train #33/34 departs daily and connects St. Petersburg/Moscow - Tallinn.

Daily departure at 6 am from St. Petersburg (09:02 pm from Moscow) and at 3:20 pm from Tallinn


Wi-Fi available while traveling through Russian part. E-tickets only. Restaurant car available

Planning a train journey in Europe?

Traveling Europe by train is rewarding and fun! Its vast rail network coverage and scenic views of world's most treasured cultural hubs and breathtaking natural sceneries are perfect for an enjoyable train journey. However, with all the variety of routes to take and the abundance of national and international carriers to choose from, planning your Europe train trip might be discouraging. It might be, but not if you plan your journey with Rail Ninja - our curated route planning, expert advice & intuitive online booking platform for European train tickets. Using Rail Ninja you can plan your Vienna to Budapest, Bergen to Oslo or Paris to Amsterdam trains in few easy steps and rest assured your tickets will be issued and sent to your inbox just on time.

Popular European train journeys: Vienna to Budapest, Paris to Amsterdam, Oslo to Bergen, Lisbon to Porto

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