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Train tours

There is perhaps no other way to see the world that is more spectacular than travel by train. Every detail of the countryside you are traveling through comes alive while, at the same time, so many awesome chances to make new friends present themselves. After swapping stories late into the evening with the interesting people you chance to encounter, you’ll relax in your bed space, safe in the comfort of your private cabin. As the rap of railings works their magical lullaby upon you, you’ll recall the best moments of your life as you drift off to sleep in a nostalgic mood. Meanwhile, the friendly and professional staff on board your carriage awaits any chance they might have to meet your needs day or night, and contribute to a top-notch journey.

Modern trains in Russia boast of such spaciousness and great comfort that passengers, particularly those traveling in luxury classes, are left without even the slightest idea of any inconvenience. Almost all long-distance trains have restaurant cars that provide delectable options that suit all tastes. Specific menus containing the most sophisticated items can be found on many routes.

We offer Trans-Siberian tours using the most luxurious trains that guarantee a flawless trip, where the lengthy distances fly by in a cavalcade of positive memories-in-the-making. Explore the best of the Russian Far East, fall in love with the crystal-clear waters of Lake Baikal, and become irrevocably entranced with Russia’s picturesque landscapes.

Some of the tours we offer take you to Mongolia and China, two remarkably unique countries. The Naadam Festival celebrated by the Mongols will hold you spellbound with its exotic, colorful, and cultural traditions – we recommend it highly. Incredible China will conquer your imagination, and ultimately your heart, with the grandeur of Beijing’s Tiananmen  Square and, doubtlessly, the Great Wall of China.

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