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Sapsan high-speed train

Meet Sapsan - the most convenient way to travel between Moscow & St. Petersburg

In December 2009, Russian Railways brought into service the Sapsan (Russian for Peregrine Falcon). Named after the mythical bird, this high speed Russian train achieves a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour (155 miles per hour). Today this is arguably the most convenient way to commute between St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Vladimir.

Route & Distance
Moscow - St. Petersburg
635 kilometers

Train class
High-speed train
Average speed: 166 km/h

Travel time
Travel time: 3.5-4 hrs
8-10 daily departures

Sapsan high-speed train
rated 4.98 / 5 based on
more than 650 reviews
Why travel on the Sapsan bullet train?

The convenience of the Sapsan train service already rivals travelling by air. The short flight time of one hour between the Pulkovo Airport outside St. Petersburg and any of the seven airports that service Moscow (Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo, Myachkovo, Ostafyevo, Bykovo, and Ramenskoye) certainly lures travelers at first. And although rail service currently takes four hours, it is quite common that passengers spend three or more hours in traffic getting to and from the city-centers to the airports.

With the Sapsan, passengers in St. Petersburg only need to catch the train at the centrally located Moskovsky Station in the morning, and by noon, they are at Leningradskaya Station in the heart of Moscow. It means no tedious airport customs procedures, no traffic jams on the way to and from the airport, and significantly less stress.

This is a far cry from the journey from Moscow to St. Petersburg that travelers had to endure before first Sapsan train tickets went of sale. The ride on board this modern high-speed train is as smooth as any modern train or urban commuter rail experience seen anywhere in the world.

Service and onboard experiences on Sapsan trains

Beside speed, the Sapsan train caters to the requirements of the modern luxury and business traveler. Whereas comfortable seats are reserved for business and first class on an airplane, the Sapsan’s first and second class seats both provide passengers with the same experience. The first class seats, however, have additional leg space and WiFi access, service that has increased in demand (and expectation).

Attempting to improve upon the airline model, the Sapsan offers automatic check-in, much like you would see at any airport. Booking can be done with greatest convenience online, and boarding simply requires a passport - the number is recorded at the time the passenger places the reservation.

Of course, service is far removed from any of the Soviet-era gruffness, with attendants providing a modern level of friendliness and courtesy, defining anew the meaning of Russian luxury travel. The cabins are kept impeccably clean, with all accommodations well-maintained. And unlike any airline flight, passenger luggage can be accessed from storage by the attendants, should a passenger need anything from their suitcase.

Eventually, if the Russian Railway Ministry has its way, the Sapsan RUS EVS will be employed along an extensive system of new high-speed rail lines that will extend across Eurasia, removing bottlenecks at the nation’s airports, improving travel efficiency for businessmen going between cities, and providing more luxury travel options for those who want to see this great country for themselves. Don't hesitate to choose Sapsan for your trip!


Travel Classes Onboard the Sapsan Train

Sapsan conference cabin

Сonference Cabin (Car #1):

  • personal dinner table
  • sofa
  • footrests
  • tap lights
  • multifunctional display
  • entertainment system
  • 220 VC outlets
  • audio and video outputs
  • outlets for charging mobile devices
  • Wi-Fi
  • one hot meal, soft drinks
Sapsan premium cabin

Premium Class (Car #1):

  • electric and headphone plugs
  • travel sets/radio headphones
  • magazines and newspapers
  • folding table and a footrest
  • adjustable back rest
  • individual lighting
  • a socket between the seats
  • Wi-Fi
  • one hot meal, soft drinks
Sapsan business cabin

Business Class (Car #2):

  • adjustable backrests
  • folding dinner tables
  • folding footrests
  • separate tap lights
  • electrical outlets
  • built-in audio and video outputs
  • outlets for charging mobile devices
  • Wi-Fi
  • snack is included in the price
Sapsan economy class plus cabin

Economy Class + (Car #10):

  • adjustable back rest
  • footrest
  • folding table
  • armrest
  • separate tap lights
  • cold snack
Sapsan economy class cabin

Economy Class (Cars #3-9):

  • adjustable back rest
  • footrest
  • folding table
  • armrest
  • separate tap lights

Sapsan Train Scheme & Carriage Configuration

Sapsan train scheme


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