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Rossiya Train

Best Trans-Siberian Train

Tri-color white-blue-red bands decorate the cars of the legendary Rossiya, the Russian Railways train 001/002, renown worldwide for running on the Trans-Siberian rail route from Moscow to Vladivostok, the longest in the world. The week-long journey has become highly favored among adventure-seekers who want to see the genuine, diverse and breathtaking beauty of Russia, taking in incredible views of cities and nature.

Route & Distance
Moscow - Vladivostok
9259 kilometers

Train class
Regular overnight train
3 car classes

Travel time
Travel time: 144 hrs
Departs on odd days

Rossiya overnight train
rated 4.79 / 5 based on
more than 650 reviews


The Rossiya train is recognized as a tourist train with English-speaking car attendants, meals included in the tickets price (1st and 2nd class), clean restrooms with new fixtures. Covering 9259 kilometres and connecting 2 continents, the train runs through 14 regions, 90 cities and 2 time zones.

The Cyrillic “РОССИЯ” at the top of each car makes it a very difficult train for passengers to miss. Before the arrival of private luxury trains onto the scene, this train provided the highest quality service on the week-long run between Moscow and Vladivostok.

It is a real adventure traveling from Moscow straight to Vladivostok as it takes a week to travel. Smarter travelers plan on breaking up the journey, spending a day or two in major city connections before continuing on for yet another day or two. In this way, they get to know more of the many great cities along the way than they would if all they saw were the train stations.

The Trans-Siberian route is one of the most compex train routes in the world and needs to be planned throughly that is why we've prepared a map and schedule of Trans-Siberian trains which will definitely help you to plan your trip accordingly. 


1st class SV:

  • 2 lower beds (70 cm in width each)
  • lockable door with personal key-cards
  • tiny table between beds
  • TV
  • air-conditioner
  • 220 VC outlets
  • hygienic set (includes a towel and slippers) and bedding
  • car-attendant call button
  • one hot meal during the entire trip
  • toilets with small wash-basins at each end of the car

2nd class KUPE:

  • 2 lower + 2 upper sleeping beds (70 cm in width each)
  • tiny table between lower beds
  • air-conditioner
  • 220 VC outlets
  • hygienic set (includes a towel and slippers) and bedding
  • lockable door
  • one meal during the entire trip
  • toilets with small wash-basins at each end of the car

* Color style of compartments may vary, the size and composition remains the same


A restaurant car is located in the middle of the train and it is easily reached from any side of the train. It is open 24/7 and the stuff is happy to assist you with your requests. You have a wide selection of traditional Russian food and drinks (vegetarian and baby menu available upon request). Important to note only cash is accepted onboard the train, so make sure to get some before boarding. If you are traveling in a 1st class compartment you can order food from the restaurant car to be delivered to your cabin.


  • As it takes a whole week for the train to travel from one destination to the other, think of the food and water during the trip. There is a restaurant car with daily offerings, but for many, it’s usually better to plan on bringing non-perishable food for the trip. You can always ask the car attendant for some tea/coffee and a snack.
  • A sharp knife is usually useful for slicing bread, sausages, or vegetables, either purchased ahead of time or on platforms during the trip, and can be handy for other things like baggage repairs (also take a pocket sewing kit, too, of course). Plastic cutlery and napkins are also extremely useful, as are wet-naps (life-savers also when it comes to personal hygiene).
  • There are other things to consider taking along, including sandals or slippers, so that you don’t have to fasten up every time you want to leave the compartment.
  • As to reading material, carrying a phrasebook is an absolute must if your Russian is at a beginner level, or rusty. You’ll also, perhaps, want to bring along a Russian novel (anything from Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita” to Dostoyevsky’s “Brothers Karamazov”) to keep you in an appreciative frame of mind for the culture you are experiencing in this amazing journey.
  • Smoking is strickly prohibited on all Russian Trains and there is no special area where you can do that. If you are a smoker, the only option is to smoke outside while the train makes a stop (but do not miss your train!)
  • Toilets with small wash-basins are located at each end of the car. There is no shower aboard, which is why we recommend breaking your train trip in to a couple of legs at the major cities along your way.


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