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Aeroexpress Trains

Travel in Comfort with Aeroexpress Trains

So you've exited your plane and need to get from the airport to Moscow. Or vice versa – from Moscow to one of the surrounding airports. The price of a taxi for this distance would be enormous. Car travel can entail unexpected travel jams and the challenge of navigating your way through a foreign city. These are not, typically, easy feats. Moscow's airport has accommodated for this challenge with a seamless and reliable transportation service between Moscow and the surrounding airports - the Aeroexpress train. Customer convenience, accommodation, reliability and transparency are top priorities of these Russian trains.


Each train offers the utmost in quality service between Moscow and the Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports. Two classes are offered for your choosing – business and economy class. The key difference, logistically, between business and economy is the concept of reserved and assigned seating. Business class ensures a reservation on an assigned seat on a train. This means your seat is guaranteed. A business class ticket, furthermore, requires you to select a specific date and time for your departure. Thus, we recommend that travelers select their date and time carefully as there is no flexibility in your schedule once purchased. Business class tickets are e-tickets and, once purchased, are sent to you by email.

On the other hand, economy class is slightly more flexible, yet does not guarantee a seat. An economy class ticket is purchased for a selected date and is valid for any departure time throughout the day. Simply show up at any time on your selected date and hop on. It's possible, though, that if it is a popular departure time all seats may be taken and you can stand on the train or wait for the next one. In this respect, economy class could be ideal for a traveler looking to spend less on a slightly more flexible schedule. Again, purchase your ticket online and your e-ticket will be sent to your email.

The train schedules are extremely convenient and accommodating. All trains run half-hourly from 6:00 to 00:00. However, check the specific schedule of the train you will be traveling on as some lines offer a 1 hour interval in the morning and mid-day from 12:30 to 13:30.

The interior and exterior of the trains are exemplary in their quality, comfort and service. They are electrically powered and constructed for-purpose with an attractive and aerodynamic design at the Demikhovsky machine-building plant in the Moscow outskirts. Inside they offer easy comfortable seating. They are also fully equipped for physically challenged passengers with folding ramps for wheel chairs, special seating, specially adapted toilets and personal assistance from one of the personnel, by request, free of charge. Strategically designed and placed luggage racks store luggage securely and conveniently out of the way while you enjoy the video and audio entertainment on monitors throughout the train. Print media and hot and cold beverages are also on offer.

The Aeroexpress service has been a huge success for travelers in its efficiency, reliability and quality of service, thus, removing the headache from a simple, yet frequently challenging leg of your trip to and from Moscow. The project is incredibly well-received, prospering and growing steadily in so much as the Aeroexpress is organizing a future installation of a stock of double decker trains to expand its reach in catering to the substantial need for seamless, punctual, convenient and comfortable airport transportation by 30 – 40%. The increased number of passengers each year on the Aeroexpress pays testament to the trust customers place in the company and it's service. Let your flight in or out of Moscow be the least of your worries.



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